I provide independent advice to European small and midsized companies, their owners, shareholders and senior members of management.  Such counsel is based on personal relationship, trust, independence and reliability.

The scope comprises strategic questions, business planning, assessing the potential for acquisitions, positioning for access to the capital markets, viability and timing of disposals, and other general corporate finance issues. The topics have a long-term nature and are strictly private & confidential.

In particular the choice of the optimal disposal process requires the outside view of a seasoned practitioner. Proper positioning of the asset and a creative pitch to potential buyers can have a significant impact on pricing.

I execute complex M&A transactions, especially the highly specialised and difficult disposals of underperforming or even loss making non-core corporate assets. These require skill, experience and creativity to structure properly and minimise senior management attention.

To assure ample resources and international reach for demanding m&A transactions, I work with selected, international corporate finance firms, usually in an advisory role. 

Where appropriate I cooperate with other senior specialists to provide a hands-on, practitioner’s point of view. This may be on business issues, access to decision makers and geographies.

I also manage a family office with a particular emphasis on their direct investments. The focus lies on impact and socially responsible investing.